Wednesday, June 23, 2010

writings from Florida in 2006..

Facebook status from Tuesday, June 22, 2010 (a few hours ago from now): 2006 i visited Florida and this is a bit of what i wrote during my trip- "this is the kind of weather and atmosphere that makes you want to be outside, or let the atmosphere flow through the open house,... and let the wind blow ur face off on the fast roads..." haha, i totally dont remember writing some of this, so its refreshing to reread it, and maybe thats why i find it so amusing, lol, sad..

So that was just one passage from all my pages of documentation during my trip to Florida. And I wanted to share some more so I figured I might as well post it all on my blog.
Here is one other passage that I liked. And as I said in my Facebook status, as I was rereading these entries I truly felt like I didn't remember writing some of them, but obviously I did. But I just found that interesting and refreshing, and some of it was amusing. And so I really liked how I described the moon in this following bit:
"The moon is awesome. It's just a tiny little sliver with a bit of a ring. It looks like the moon on the To Kill A Mockinbird cover, and with the little bit of sunset left it looks like a painting. It's like someone on the other side of the sky cut a hole, or at least started to, and shined a flashlight to see how they did".
There is a lot in this journal that I could rewrite up here to share, but I am tired, and for now I thought those two passages were interesting enough to share. Maybe I find them interesting mostly because I don't really remember writing them and that makes them sound even better. haha.

Well, until next time!

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