Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Procrastination at its finest is me

*posted Wednesday, February 24, 2010, at cercalavida.blogspot (my old blog)*

I should be writing a five-page essay for my American Liturature class tomorrow, but I'm blogging
about the dillema rather than working to solve it. Allow me to quote Ricci in Sleepy Hollow when I ask, "Do you think me wicked?" Ha ha. By the world's stadards, maybe I'm not, but excuse me, the world is wicked. Unless of course you're from New England, then 'wicked' doesn't neccessarily mean devious. But that's beside the point - something I seem to be doing a lot lately.
Since probably nobody is even reading this, that only adds to the pointlessness of my procrastination. I mean, if your going to procrastinate, at least be doing something constructive. But no, that is the extent of my pathetic state of slacker-ness.
Well, since I'm already being 'not-constructive', allow me to proceed.
I started this blog mainly because I wanted somewhere to get my thoughts out - isn't that original. I have my days, burst of creativity that I can express through writing, and then of course I have days of writer's block, nothing materializes - nothing good at least. Which makes me wonder if this here blog will turn out to be anything worth keeping. I guess only time will tell. But then again, like music artists say about keeping their older, maybe less impressive, albums, their spectrum of musical history shows their growth as an artist. Whatever. Anyhow, I'm gonna go watch Moonstruck with my mother now. Till next time...

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