Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Magic Monday

*posted Wednesday, February 24, 2010, at cercalavida.blogspot (my old blog)*

Facebook status from Tuesday morning:

*last night* so we r all talkin in the kitchen. then Amanda enters the house. full on gym clothing/vibe. half eaten banana in one hand n more produce in the other. she looks at us. slightly confused but still half busy with the song plugged into her left ear. "well this is coulda sworn today was Tuesday" LOL love u amanda! plz dont be mad. to say the least- mondays r always good times ;D

Mondays are bible study days. A day I look forward to every week. I credit my friend Merridith for getting me into this group of awesome peoples. I had never been in a real permanent bible study before and I've been sort of reading through studies on my own. So when Merridith invited me in January to join her group I thought maybe this is my cue. She told me the study was held by another church, a church that my family actually used to attend more than 12 years ago, but she said it takes place at a family's house. Naturally, my mother wanted to know where this house is and who is this family? Basically - how do we know they're not a bunch of creeps? I don't blame her, I wanted to know more about these strangers before entering their home. Well, it turns out that they are not "strangers". Come to find out, this is the house of some good old friends that we used to know from our old church. Now I was even more excited to see them but now I was even more nervous! Paranoia prompted me to ask, "well what if they don't remember me?" Knowing how truly irrational this thought was, Merridith and my mother assure me that it's impossible for them not to remember me.
When we arrived at the house, I took my time getting through the door, still nervous as heck, and took my time taking off my shoes. I noticed there was already a well-established mound of footwear, so I wasted no time to add to it. Then I peaked around the corner, and sure enough the faces I had been struggling to remember were right there across the room, and it all came back to me. That's them for sure, Mr. and Ms. Beate! Psyched as ever to see old friends, I waved saying, "Hi! ..Remember me? ..Anne Goglia". Their faces lit up with surprise when they saw me waving. Of course they would remember me. We chatted and caught up a little. I was so happy, I felt like I was in a second home. Then, as I sat there in the kitchen with them, the daughter walks in the door, peaks around the corner into the kitchen area, sees me and announces, "Goglia!!" Ha ha. It couldn't have gotten any better, but I also saw another old friend there. We used to know her from our old church as well, and apparently she is now living with the Beates. Talk about a trip down memory lane.
Throughout these past couple months we caught up some more and reminisced and then I learn that the study leader is also someone my family used to know from back at the old church. His older sister used to baby sit me and my brother when we were little. This is just the coolest thing ever. I am a seriously nostalgic person so to run into this many old friends again and be able to hang out with them every week is just awesome, a true blessing.
As far as the actual bible study goes, it's amazing, so far every week we have talked deeply about each subject in our study packet. Then after each study we just chill. But here's the thing - they have a ping pong table in their basement - so almost every week we play Round Robin, a sort of ultimate ping pong multi-player game. It's tons of fun.
Like my Facebook status says - to say the least, Monday's are always good times.

..Well, I don't know how interesting this blog was to anyone else who read it, but I just needed to document this moment, get down my thought, you know? I feel like I'm in a good place right now with this new bible study group. Now I just need to work on my accademics...

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